Etruscan Coinage Part 1 by Vecchi, I.
Hardback, 2 volumes, 1009 pages, 135 plates

A corpus of the struck coinage of the Rasna, together with an historical and economic commentary on the issues (gold, silver and bronze) from the mints of Cosa, Luca, Pisae, Populonia, Uncertain Central Etrurua, Vetulonia, Volsinii, Vulci, and unidentified mints, from 5th to 3rd centuries BC.

The Etruscans were perhaps the most important pre-Roman peoples of ancient Italy, yet the few surviving references to them remain brief and anecdotal. From the very beginning of the discovery of ancient Etruria, Etruscan coins in particular have been misunderstood, misdescribed and misattributed.

This exhaustive work attempts a summary of current research in Etruscan coinage, as well as a tentative framework for dating and mint attribution of the struck coinage in gold, silver and bronze. 2541 coin varieties are illustrated, with 11 distributive maps, and other useful inclusions - such as the description and illustration of modern forgeries.

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Etruscan Coinage Part 1 by Vecchi, I.

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