Hardback, 341 pages, blue cloth, dust-jacket, 64 black and white plates

Roman Imperial Coins In The Hunter Coin Cabinet IV. Valerian I to Allectus

University of Glasgow - Oxford University Press

 The Hunter Coin Cabinet is one of the world's major coin collections. Founded by William Hunter in the eighteenth century, it is particularly rich in Greek, Roman and British coins. 

The fourth volume of the catalogue of Roman Imperial Coins in the Hunter Coin Cabinet covers the period from the beginning of the joint reign of Valerian I and Gallienus (A.D. 253) to the end of the reign of the British usurping Emperor Allectus (A.D. 296), and includes the pre-reform coins of the Tetrarchy (Diocletian, Maximian, Constantius I, and Galerius). The catalogue section proper of Volume IV describes about 2000 coins, including fewer than 150 coins of this period from the Coats Collection, which was presented to the University of Glasgow in 1924 by the family of Sir Thomas Glen Coats of Paisley. About two-thirds of these coins are illustrated in the 64 collotype plates. These include many rarities, and even ten apparently unique coins. 

The Introduction provides a brief survey of the coinage of the forty-four years from A.D. 253 - 296, including sections on Mints and Officinae, and on Denominations and Metrology. There follow longer discussions of the complicated coinages of individual emperors, and of the many usurpers of the latter part of the third century A.D., together with a conspectus of the obverse and reverse legends and types, and of the mint and officina marks recorded for the coinage of each reign.

In the compilation of the conspectus the work of many scholars has been drawn upon, and their conclusions are gratefully acknowledged. Many numismatic problems, however, still beset this period, one of the most complicated coinage periods of the Roman Empire. The present volume represents another step along the way to its fuller understanding.  

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Roman Imperial Coins In The Hunter Coin Cabinet IV. Valerian I to Allectus by Robertson, A.

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