Coinage in Roman Syria by Butcher, K. RNS SP34

This work examines the production, circulation and significance of coinage in northern Syria during the first three centuries of Roman control of the province. It includes a catalogue of the issues produced by the thirteen cities in the region which minted coins, and of the coinage of the Kingdom of Commagene. Studies of site finds, drawn from published excavations and first-hand examination of unpublished material in the Middle East, of hoards and of countermarks highlight features of the patterns of circulation in Syria, as well as 'foreign' issues circulating in the region.

Central to the study is the coinage of Antioch, one of the major provincial mints in the Roman Empire whose coinage has hitherto been largely neglected. Separate sections study the metrology and denominational structure of sequences of issues, and broader surveys cover the relationship of Syrian coinage to that of other provinces and to that of Rome itself. The study considers ways in which the Syrian coinage can be used to illuminate aspects of other provincial and Roman imperial coinages, such as the extent to which Roman provinces had a consistent 'monetary' policy in the eastern provinces, and whether the coinage of Rome was viewed as a 'preferred currency' in the east, as some scholars have suggested.

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Coinage in Roman Syria by Butcher, K. RNS SP34

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