A Bibliography of 18th Century Numismatic Books: Vol VI SCH-Z (downloadable PDF)

A Bibliography of 18th Century Numismatic Books: Vol VI SCH-Z (downloadable PDF)

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Early numismatic publications contain invaluable evidence which can throw new light upon unsolved numismatic questions. This work contains over 6000 numismatic works published between 1700 and 1800; the authors have studied each publication page by page and have meticulously categorised and analysed their contents.

The first volume includes a detailed geographical, chronological and categorical analysis of all 18th century numismatic publications. It also contains the indexes which cover an extensive bibliography of 18th century publications in general, authors, editors, translators, printers, publishers, places and dates of publication, categories and more, making it easy to locate a specific book from numerous different angles.

The remainder of the first volume and the following volumes – of which this is the sixth and last – consist of an alphabetical catalogue of all 18th century numismatic books which have been located and analysed, excluding all non-identifiable secondary references from other bibliographies.  Each book has been the subject of a detailed bibliographical analysis, and no less than 8,785 illustrations accompany the entries.

Along with the Dekesels’ bibliographies of 16th and 17th century numismatic books, this bibliographic opus is destined to become the standard work of reference for early numismatic books.

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