A Dictionary of Ancient Greek Coins by Melville Jones, J.

A Dictionary of Ancient Greek Coins by Melville Jones, J.

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A Dictionary of Ancient Greek Coins by John Melville Jones

ISBN: 0900652810

1998 Reprint. Blue cloth-bound hardback, 253 pages, over 300 black and white illustrations, five tables.  

Extract from Preface

It is almost a century since Stevenson's Dictionary of Roman Coins (London 1889m reprinted London 1964) was first published and even now it remains useful to students and collectors. The present work attempts to provide the same service to students of ancient Greek coins, including the Greek Imperial series, to which much more attention has been paid in recent years. It is designed to served three classes of reader. There is the collector or student who may know very little about Greek coinage or, indeed, of Greek civilisation and who needs help to elucidate the technical terms which are found in handbooks and catalogues, and to interpret the great range of coin types chosen by Greek mints. Then there is the classical cholar or ancient historian, who may be well informed about other areas of his subject, but will be grateful for a book which will explain the ancillary science of numismatics to him. Finally, there is the experienced numismatist, who will benefit from having at his disposal a work which concentrates in one volume information which would otherwise be available to him only in a great number of different places.


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