Coin Facts and Feats by James Mackay

Coin Facts and Feats by James Mackay

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COIN FACTS & FEATS shows vividly the fascination, the romance, and the sheer interest of coins. Hold in your hand a denarius of the Emperor Tiberius and consider that it could have been the very coin handed to Jesus of Nazareth when He asked the pharisees, " Whose image is this?"; A silver Dirhem could have belonged to Haroun El-Rashid, the Caliph of Baghdad, known to us through the Arabian Knights; Your silver dollars of Peru or Mexico could have been part of pirate treasure taken from a Spanish galleon. Coins have been used throughout the world for more than 5000 years. They are not only the most familiar and enduring of everyday objects but also primary sources of history, symbols of power, miniscule art, and much more.

As well as dealing, widely with coins and tokens, COIN FACTS & FEATS includes details of mints and moneyers, the production methods of coinage, and the uses to which coins have been put over a period spanning the whole of recorded history.

The book has been written for all who are attracted by the magnetic appeal of money as well as those who are involved in numismatics at any level - professional, expert, or beginner.

The author, James Mackay, has for many years been Numismatic Correspondent of the Financial Times and has contributed feature articles to magazines in four continents. With his many and wide-ranging interests, he is a collator of collectibles and a collector of curiosities. This book, his one hundred and fortieth, blends his rare eye for the unusual, his enthusiasm for coin collecting, and his ability to inform and entertain.


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