Coinage in Roman Britain by Richard Reece

Coinage in Roman Britain by Richard Reece

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Roman coins are found in Britain either as hoards, single finds, or in groups of coins lost accidentally in Roman times. This book shows how both types of find can be interpreted as a unique source of information on the function and use of coinage in Roman Britain, as well as providing valuable evidence for the social and economic background and the relationship of Roman Britain with the Empire as a whole.


A brief outline of the influence of Rome on Britain leads into a discussion of the role of coinage in the Empire and the supply and use of coinage in Britain itself. Dr. Reece then moves on to consider the material evidence of coins found in Roman Britain. He stresses the importance of considering hoards and site finds separately, and shows how the pattern of coin finds reveals the state view of coinage, concerned with valuable coin for paying debts and accounts, and the public demand for small change to allow a market system to work.


Archaeological sources thus provide essential evidence for the system of denominations which were issued in theory from the mints and are mentioned in written sources.

Collectors of Roman coins, archaeologists, social and economic historians, and all those interested in Roman Britain will find this a stimulating introduction and a comprehensive survey of the recent developments in our understanding of Roman Britain.



144 pages

Published 1987

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