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Coins of the Sindhias by Jan Lingen and Kenneth W. Wiggins

Coins of the Sindhias by Jan Lingen and Kenneth W. Wiggins

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Coins of the Sindhias by Jan Lingen and Kenneth W. Wiggins

Hawkins Publications, 1978. 108 pages, softcover. 

ISBN-10: 0904173178 / ISBN-13: 978-0904173178

Author's Introduction:

The many and varied coins issued by the Sindhias, like the coinages of the other Indian Native States, have never been closely investigated. From time to time, over many years, certain numismatic and related information has been published in numismatic journals, learned papers, catalogues and similar publications but these references are scattered and some are very difficult to find. 

Valentine, in his introduction to section III of the fourth volume in the Catalogue of Coins in the Indian Museum, Calcutta, wrote that 'A handbook dealing fully with the subject of the coins struck and used in the Native States and written by a competent authority is greatly needed'. Valentine wrote this over sixty years ago, but no handbook has yet appeared. Such a work would, needless to say, require a great deal of time and research to prepare for the subject and the coinage are complex and there is not a great deal of original literary material available. However, some enthusiastic numismatists are now involving themselves in studying the coinages of individual states and their results are gradually being published.

The present monograph may assist in supplying some further information and in correcting the lack of data concerning the coins of Indian Native States, but it attempts to deal with one state only. With the resources at our disposal it may prove to be deficient in some respects.

The coins set out and desribed in the catalogue which follows are taken, for the most part, from our two collections and are augmented by specimens seen in the collections of the British Museum, the Ashmolean Museum and the FitzWilliam Museum. Further information has been culled from various catalogues of other collections and from articles that have appeared in responsible journals. Valuable assistance has also been recieved from some private collectors. Full lists of sources studied and acknowledgments of assistance are given in the appendix. 

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