English Silver Coins 1066-1648, edited by H. A. Seaby

English Silver Coins 1066-1648, edited by H. A. Seaby

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During the last ten years there has been a big increase in the number of collectors of coins and in England these have naturally mostly specialized on the English series. Unfortunately the literature on this subject is somewhat scanty and there is difficulty in obtaining even what there is, as most of the standard works are out of print. Therefore we have set ourselves the task of helping the new and inexperienced collector by producing a number of cheap books to assist him in arranging and classifying his coins, as well as being a guide of what to collect.

Most of the articles in this book are reprinted from our monthly COIN AND MEDAL BULLETIN and do not pretend to be the result of original research but are taken from the best works on each subject and are written as simply as possible to make classification easy.




87 pages

Published in 1948

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