In Celebration of Greek Coinage by Eaglen, R.

In Celebration of Greek Coinage by Eaglen, R.

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In Celebration of Greek Coinage by Eaglen, R. 

Hardback, Dust Jacket, 229 pages, illustrated vibrantly in colour throughout. 

In Celebration of Greek Coinage is a readable but scholarly tribute to ancient Greek coins, its origin being a thoughtful study of the author's own collection, acquired over the past seventeen years.  Two initial chapters relate the author's devotion to numismatics and his thoughts on Greek coins as art; these are followed by fifty essays inspired by coins in the author's own collection, comprised of articles which mainly first appeared in the Spink Numismatic Circular and its magazine the Insider, revised and updated for this volume.  The essays seek to identify the formative geographical, historical, ethnic, political, religious, cultural, artistic, social, economic and commercial influences behind the coins.


In Celebration of Greek Coinage is valuable both for the insights it offers to existing students and collectors in the series, and for the stimulus it extends to anyone attracted by the beauty of the coins themselves and the extraordinary civilisation that created them.


About the author:


The author has combined a busy career as a lawyer in industry with other wide-ranging interests.  In 1989 he was awarded a doctorate in medieval history and numismatics for a seminal study of the abbey and mint of Bury St Edmunds, published in two volumes in 2006 and 2014 respectively.  From 2008 to 2011 he served as President of the British Numismatic Society, and has lectured and published widely in the fields of ancient and medieval history and numismatics over many years.

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