The Coinage and History of Southern India - Part 1: Karnataka - Andhra by Michael Mitchiner

The Coinage and History of Southern India - Part 1: Karnataka - Andhra by Michael Mitchiner

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The Coinage and History of Southern India - Part 1: Karnataka - Andhra by Michael Mitchiner

Hawkins Publications, 1998. 280 pages, hardback (no jacket)

ISBN-10: 0904173224 / ISBN-13: 978-0904173222

Author's Introduction

A little more than a century ago Walter Elliot wrote a book on the Coins of Southern India and much that was written in this pioneering study has not been superseded. Jackson's studies at the beginning of this century, Sewell's compilation of South Indian inscriptions during the interwar years, post-war studies of selected coin series by Biddulph and by Chattopadhyaya and the study of Vijayanagar coins published earlier this year by Ganesh and Girijapathy have all added much new information. Many articles dealing with new inscriptions and coin types have further clarified the understanding of Southern India and its coinage. 

The author's travels around this particular region during the past five years have added a new dimension by giving much better definition to the ares in which particular groups of coins actually circulated. The geographical area covered by this study embraces Southern India, from the river Krishna in the north to Kannayakumari (Cape Comorin) in the south. There is a strong bias in favour of publishing descriptions of places and coins as they were observed at the time. 

The study is divided into two parts. Part One is concerned with the history and the coinages that circulated in the modern states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Throughout much of the historical period the river Krishna has been a natural boundary, and this is taken as the general northern limit of the present study. Although the river Krishna is taken as a general boundary, some coin series from slightly further north are also considered. 

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