The Art of Collecting Coins by Leonard S. Forrer

The Art of Collecting Coins by Leonard S. Forrer

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Nearly everybody collects something, whether it is rare books, stamps, works of art, or merely old bits of string and pencil butts. One of the most ancient, worthwhile and valuable expressions of this universal mania is Numismatics - Coin Collecting. Numerous books have already been written upon the subject, but very surprisingly most of them have been learned treatises written for people who are already enthusiasts. Until now no book has dealt so completely and lucidly with every aspect of numismatics as THE ART OF COLLECTING COINS. It has been written by one of the world's most experienced numismatic experts for people who have no knowledge of the fascinating history of coins, their collection and their collectors, but who would like to learn.

How do you start a collection? How are coins made? How do you store and clean coins? How do you value coins? What and where are the great collections? What societies are there? How do you detect counterfeits and forgeries? How do you acquire coins? . . . These are but a few of the many questions to which Mr. Forrer gives not only precise and informative but also witty and eminently readable answers. This book is spiced with amusing anecdotes of the eccentricities of famous collectors and the curiosities of famous collections.


196 pages

Published in 1955


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