Chinese Numismatics: the World of Chinese Money (downloadable PDF)

Chinese Numismatics: the World of Chinese Money (downloadable PDF)

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This is the first book to explore the history of the field of Chinese numismatics from both Eastern and Western perspectives.  Consisting of four papers that complement each other beautifully, it gives a sound introduction to the study of Chinese numismatics, focusing on the 19th century and, crucially, how to think about Chinese money.

In Currencies of Ancient China from their Origins to the Late Empire, François Thierry notes how Europeans sometimes understood Chinese money and sometimes got it completely wrong. In Numismatic Friendship: Social Networks of Numismatists and Coin Collectors During the Late Qing Dynasty, Lyce Jankowski opens up the world of Chinese collectors of Chinese coins, their networks and motivations. In A Short History of Chinese Numismatics in Western Languages, Helen Wang surveys publications to 1900, giving information about the authors, their occupations, motivations and areas of interest; and in Chinese Money Matters, So Why Does It Have Such a Low Profile? she looks at the current situation, and offers routes into the field. In his Introduction, Joe Cribb reflects on his study of Chinese money and how it has informed his career in numismatics.

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