Encyclopaedia of the Islamic Dinars in the East by Ali Alajlan

Encyclopaedia of the Islamic Dinars in the East by Ali Alajlan

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This two volume encyclopaedia delves into the intricate world of Arab-Islamic dinars, encompassing a comprehensive collection of coins published in numismatic references and showcased in international museums and auctions. Spanning from the year 132 AH to 922 AH, the book meticulously details over 8,000 unrepeated dinars, providing a unique historical perspective.

Key aspects:

  1. Coverage of 249 minting cities and over a thousand previously unpublished Arab Islamic dinars presented in international auctions.
  2. An insightful overview of the financial, economic, and political conditions in the Islamic State during the specified period.
  3. In-depth exploration of Islamic countries and emirates, including the names of successors, princes, and governors involved in the minting process.
  4. A chronological display of Arab-Islamic dinars minted in the Levant for 790 years, with each year and city presented separately.
  5. Examination of Qur’anic and Islamic sayings on dinars, along with the names and titles of caliphs, princes, and governors inscribed on these historical coins.

Exploration of "connection dinars," emphasizing larger weights and sizes, symbolizing relationships between rulers, family, and officials—referred to as "commemorative money" in contemporary terms.  It is the completely authoritative work for any collector of Abbasid coins.

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