Islamic Mints, A Corpus by Diler, O.

Islamic Mints, A Corpus by Diler, O.

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Islamic Mints, A Corpus by Diler, O.

Paperback, 3 volumes, 1,818 pages, Limited Print Run

Published posthumously by the author's wife and friends, this lifetimes work consists of nearly 2000 pages covering about 1845 mint names, mint inscriptions, minting years of gold, silver and copper issues; (also ephemeral mints that seem to exist but actually do not), and an index of Islamic Dynasties, as well as another of Islamic States.

“For those with a serious commitment to Islamic coin collecting or numismatics this set is essential. I'm glad to have a copy and expect to use it often." SOURCE: Michael L. Bates, Curator Emeritus of Islamic Coins, American Numismatic Society, from posting in Islamic Numismatics Group, 2/11/09

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