Siam Specimen Banknotes Second Series by Jan Olav Wilborn Aamlid

Siam Specimen Banknotes Second Series by Jan Olav Wilborn Aamlid

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Spink Books are delighted to present the second book in Jan Olav Aamlid's projected five-part series on the specimen bank notes of Thailand. 

Siam Specimen Banknotes Second Series concentrates on notes produced for Thailand in England by Thomas De La Rue & Company Ltd.

When the second series was to be introduced, several companies were invited to tender bids. The competition between them is one of the new book’s subjects, as are bank notes with secret marks, and the approval process for the Type I and Type II notes of the second series. Also included are images of letters from the Ministry of Finance in Bangkok, the Siamese Legation in London, and the De La Rue company.

Although he is Norwegian, Jan Aamlid has spent most of his time living in Thailand for several decades. He has been collecting Thai bank notes for 40 years and the specimen notes that form the basis of his book for 22. He started concentrating on them when De La Rue started selling from its archives. In addition to buying direct from De La Rue, he acquired some at the auctions of Spink and others, and from private collectors.

Hardback, with slipcase and colour illustrations throughout.

A4, 171 pages

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