The Coins and Banknotes of Burma by M. Robinson and L.A. Shaw

The Coins and Banknotes of Burma by M. Robinson and L.A. Shaw

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The Coins and Banknotes of Burma by M. Robinson and L.A. Shaw

Paperback, 157 pages + 14 pages of colour plates
ISBN: 0950705306

Information about Burmese coins and banknotes has previously been hard to obtain, being scattered in several publications either long since out of print, or not generally available, or inaccessible to a large public through being in Burmese. This book attempts to cover in detail all the issues of Burma and Arakan, concentrating particularly on the period from the sixteenth century to the present. The text is fully illustrated, most of the banknotes being in colour. Much new material from contemporary chronicles, reports and letters is published here for the first time. Two of the chapters deal with Japanese and British World War II banknotes and so it is hoped that the book will also prove useful to collectors of military currency. 

About the Authors

Dr. Michael Robinson is a member of the Lancashire and Cheshire, and Oriental Numismatic Societies and the International Bank Note Society, and has been specialising in Burma since 1975. His particular interest is the post 1860 coins and banknotes on which he has published several articles. Recently he made a short visit to Burma as a tourist. Born in 1945, he is a university lecturer in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering.

Lewis Shaw went out to Burma in his early twenties and served with the 17th Indian Division from 1944 to 1947 as an Infantry Workshops Officer. His contact then with the people of Burma led to an interest in Burmese culture and in particular the currency throughout the ages. He is Secretary of the St. Albans and Hertfordshire Numismatic Society and as a member of the Oriental Numismatic Society has published a paper on Coinage in Burma since the Eighteenth Century. Since leaving the army he has worked for Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd as a Mechanical Engineer. 

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