The Roof; A Play by John Galsworthy
The Roof; A Play by John Galsworthy

The Roof; A Play by John Galsworthy

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The Roof is one episode of Galsworthy's nine-part episodic Play, Escape. 

'Former World War I British Army Captain Matt Denant protects a poor prostitute from an over-persistent plainclothes police detective. In a scuffle Denant hits the officer who as a result falls, striking his head, and dies. Denant gets sentenced to Dartmoor Prison for manslaughter and escapes from a work detail. The plot is a series of episodes where Denant meets people who will either abet or obstruct his escape thus becoming a study in class structure and ethos according to Galsworthy's interpretation of 1920s British society.'


243 pages

Published in 1930

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