The Token Book - 17th, 18th and 19th Century Tokens and their Values, second edition

The Token Book - 17th, 18th and 19th Century Tokens and their Values, second edition

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Paul & Bente R Withers. Published by Galata Print Ltd, Llanfyllin, 2010, reprinted 2022. Hardback. 504 pages, illustrated throughout with colour photographs from some of the best collections in the UK. 135 x 215mm.

The catalogue begins with a 20-page introduction with a brief account of how to understand tokens, and a list of the standard reference works for each main type.

Nearly 3,500 17th century tokens are listed, with Williamson/Dickinson reference numbers, and prices for Fine condition. Over 2,500 of these are illustrated, including the most commonly found pieces, the most interesting, those that are heart-shaped, square, hexagonal or octagonal, and those depicting the tools and products of various trades and activities, inn signs, and the arms of the livery companies.

For each county there are details of the token-issuing towns, cities and villages with the number of tokens they issued.  18th-century tokens listed with Dalton & Hamer references, all types listed, with edge varieties, and prices for up to three grades. Gives more information and has many more illustrations than the Schwer guide.  19th-century silver tokens listed with Dalton references.  All types listed, prices for EF condition.  19th-century copper tokens listed with Withers references. All types listed, prices for three grades.
Evasion halfpennies and farthings listed with Atkins references, prices for fair or Fine condition.  

Select bibliography. Detailed index with 2000 entries.

The first edition of this title won the Royal Numismatic Society's LHOTKA PRIZE in 2011.

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